Buying A House In Camborne And Need A Pre Purchase Home Condition Building Survey?

CJS Specialist Building Surveyors carry out various forms of building inspections in Camborne that are tailored to accommodate your specific requirements. We inspect all types of premises and we have particular expertise in the diagnosis of dampnessA Pre-purchase Home Condition Survey - Not as intrusive as a Building Survey. Suitable for properties built within the last 150 years or so. This type of survey covers all the essentials, roof, walls etc and reports on their general condition and urgent matters but does not open up the fabric of the building. Quite often highlights areas that may require further inspection such as drains or possible issues with the structure.  Does not contain a property valuation or approximate costs to manage defects.Building Surveyors in Camborne

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Camborne Building Surveys

CJS Specialist Building Surveyors carry out a very comprehensive inspection of a Camborne property that is being considered for refurbishment, adaptation or renovation. This type of survey can involve the lifting of floorboards to inspect beneath or forensic damp testing. Generally this type of survey is prepared on older premises. The survey includes maintenance advice and approximate costs to manage defects. Does not contain a property valuation.

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