C J Shepherd Specialist Building Surveyors

Property inspections, forensic damp testing, preparation of surveys/reports, asbestos sampling, written specifications, quotations, advice etc will be carried out by a fully insured, independent, experienced, qualified Surveyor. Any report regardless of type prepared by C J Shepherd Specialist Building Surveyors (CJS) will not include a property valuation, structural or other calculations.

Our confidential reports are provided for the sole use of the named Client and their professional advisers. No responsibility whatsoever is accepted to any other person than the Client him/herself. Any such person relies upon the Report at his/her own risk.

Fees and Expenses:

The Client will pay the Agreed Fee, any Additional Fees, and any agreed disbursements where applicable in advance of agreed works. Payment can be by our preferred method of electronic bank transfer or alternatively we can take a cheque.

We reserve the discretionary option to charge interest at a daily rate equivalent to 10% per month on all overdue accounts. Quotations are open to acceptance for 28 days, after which we reserve the right to modify or withdraw.

Client no shows or access difficulties will incur a £150 revisit fee.

Please Note:

Fees for the analysis of asbestos samples are charged to the client separately from the survey/report fee as they must be analysed by a UKAS registered laboratory.

Proposed Report Delivery Date:

Draft emailed copy within 5 working days of inspection unless otherwise agreed.


C J Shepherd (CJS) will assume that all local searches and any legal consents that may be required have been obtained and that the premises are not subject to any unusual restrictions or covenants. The Client and his/her legal advisers should make all necessary enquiries. No enquiries will be made to the Local Authority in respect of any future Planning proposals.


Externally the property will be inspected from within its boundaries and from relevant accessible public areas and roads.

Parts of the structure which are covered unexposed or inaccessible will not be inspected except where stated to the contrary.

The exterior of the roof and chimneys if applicable will be viewed where accessible from the ground with the use of binoculars.


The Surveyor will lift accessible loose floorboards and trap doors, if any, which are not covered by heavy furniture, carpets or other fixed floor coverings of any kind. The Surveyor will not attempt to cut or lift fixed floorboards or fixed covers without express permission of the owner. Parts of the structure which are covered, unexposed or inaccessible will not be inspected except where stated to the contrary.

Roof spaces will be inspected if there are available hatches which are not more than three metres above the adjacent floor or ground. Insulation and obstacles within the roof void will not be moved. Where no reasonable access is available, or the area is suspected to be unsafe the roof spaces will not be inspected.

Forensic damp testing and masonry core drilling does not fall within the normal remit of a building/damp survey. These specialist activities are only undertaken by express prior arrangement as they cause some degree of damage to the fabric of the building.


Service installations will be inspected where it is safe and practicable to do so. Items such as drainage covers will be lifted and a visual inspection will be carried out. Only specialist tests can reveal their true condition which will not be arranged unless otherwise agreed.

Ground Contamination:

The Surveyor will not be required to comment upon the possible existence of noxious substances, landfill or mineral extraction, or other forms of contamination including the height of the natural water table.