Damp Diagnosis Surveys And Reports In Truro

CJS Specialist Building Surveyors specialise in investigating all forms of dampness and timber decay within Truro buildings.  Being independent and having over 20 years experience we pride ourselves on correctly diagnosing dampness. The misdiagnoses of dampness is all too common, which can then result in thousands of pounds worth of unnecessary remedial damp-proofing works being carried out.

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What Damp Is Affecting My Truro Property?


Condensation surveys in Truro

By far the most common form of dampness. This form of dampness contrary to believe can occur at any time of year, although it is most common during the winter months. Condensation control measures can be as simple as advising how to better control moisture levels within the property. Penetrating dampness.  Control measures can be fixing that leaky gutter, replacing that cracked roof tile or reducing external ground levels. Condensation can be a destructive and irritating form of dampness.  Causing excessive mould growth and high humidity levels it can affect the respiratory system, clothes, the building fabric and can even cause attacks by wood rotting fungi.  We have vast experience in diagnosing condensation and will provide you with the correct advice to manage this form of dampness. Call 07890 528 312 Now for more information

Rising Damp 

Rising damp surveyors in Truro

True rising damp is fairly rare, but it does exist as we can bare witness to this. However it is quite often misdiagnosed which can then result in thousands of pounds worth of unnecessary remedial damp-proofing works being carried out. What true rising dampness is not, is being diagnosed with a moisture meter during a 15 minute ‘survey’.  Only forensic damp testing will confirm the presence of true rising dampness. To diagnose true rising dampness by where moisture is being draw up from the ground into unprotected walls by capillary action can only be achieved by moisture profiling of the wall.  This entails taking drilled core samples and testing for moisture content and for the presence of ground salts, namely chlorides and nitrates.  This type of investigation is required in litigation cases and is very rare during the pre-purchase damp and timber surveys.

Why Can Structural Water Proofing Help?

If you are:

We can provide the correct advice or design a water resisting system should this be your requirement.

Truro Decaying Timber

Rising damp can cause more costly and permanent damage to the property than you might imagine. One of the most detrimental and damaging effects of damp is Timber Decay. Timber is used as one of the main supporting structures of older properties, once the timber of the property has been infected by damp and wood rot it can cause the timber to weaken and collapse!

Our local Truro specialists will be able to inspect your property for any signs of Decaying Timber. If we find any issues we will be able to instruct on the best possible action to rectify the issue.

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